Assistance for departures from Schiphol


Having difficulty navigating the terminal? We’re here to provide assistance depending on your needs and requirements. Don’t forget to indicate this when booking your ticket. Either the airline company or your travel agency will be the one to relay the information onto us. Simply follow the steps below to make sure that everything is well-arranged.

  1. Securing an appointment

Requesting for an appointment will ensure that someone is assigned and will be waiting for you the moment you arrive at Schiphol.

  1. Be mindful of the time

It would way better to be on time. Only then can we assure that outstanding and timely assistance is provided and you will be able to board first.

  1. Coming at the airport

Here’s all the necessary information regarding parking and traveling by train.

  1. When at the Schiphol Terminal and Check-in Counter

If it’s necessary, the assistant can offer a helping hand during check-in procedures.

  1. Escort to the aircraft

It includes details regarding the process from the security, passport check until boarding.

  1. Getting to and at the gate

Do you want to eat, drink, shop, or head to the business class lounge? Then our assistant got you covered. Protection Status