Assistance upon arrival at Schiphol 

Will you be needing extra assistance upon arrival at the airport? If yes, don’t forget to indicate such request upon booking your ticket or desired trip. Your preferred airline company or travel provider will be the one to coordinate the necessary information to us. Be sure to follow the below steps to make sure everything is organized properly.

Upon arrival at Schiphol

Your respective assistant will be waiting for you as you alight at the aircraft.

The assigned personnel to assist you will be waiting as soon as the aircraft doors open. It is suggested to relax and remain seated until other passengers were able to leave the aircraft. Please wait and be mindful of the cabin crew’s instructions so you’ll know what to do and don’t get lost.

Heading to the terminal

Arriving at Schiphol

If in any case that the aircraft where you’re in is parked on a common gate, the assigned personnel will be waiting for you at the end of the passenger bridge. If you need and request for extra assistance in getting out of the aircraft, we will either wait at the aircraft door or board on the plane. If you’re able to use your wheelchair, we will retrieve it from the hold and make it available as soon as you board the aircraft.

There are some instances that there are locations where the aircraft is not parked at the gate. If that’s the case and you’re able to use the stairs, we humbly request that you descend on your own. Still, we’re behind you to provide any assistance needed. If you’re unable to use the stairs, we’ll help you alight down with the use of a stair climber. Afterward, that’s the time that we’ll transport you towards the terminal using the wheelchair bus.

At the terminal building

What you need to know upon arrival.

Upon arriving at the terminal building, you will be greeted with a new assistant who will guide you throughout the airport exit. He or she will transport you either using an electric caddy or wheelchair. You also have the option to walk up until the passport regulator or even baggage belt areas. This can also be shared with the other passengers. Our first stop will be at the gates to let off the other passengers for their transfer flights, if applicable.

You may or may not pass through this area since it is dependent on what airport or country you’ve come from upon arriving at Schiphol.

Your assigned assistant will then guide you to the respective baggage belt and help you collect your luggage.

If you brought your wheelchair or other mobility devices, it is probably kept on hold for the whole duration of your flight. It can be collected from the so-called odd-sized baggage area. Don’t worry, your assistant will be glad to help you with this.

If you planned to be picked up, the person who will do so can make use of the loaner wheelchair. It can easily be identified with its distinctive yellow color and is located at the entrance to the departure and arrival halls, at the Schiphol Plaza, and even at the entrance of the parking areas P1 and P2. Please ready your two-euro coin since it’s needed to make use of the wheelchair. It will then be refunded upon returning the wheelchair.

Transportation coming from the airport

This involves car parking and special transport.

If you desire, your assigned assistant can escort you towards the car park. Please do inform your assistant so he or she will be aware of it. Protection Status