Assistance with transfers on Schiphol

Will you be needing assistance upon transferring to the airport? If yes, don’t forget to indicate such a request when booking your ticket or trip. Your preferred airline or travel agency will coordinate the information to us. Please be guided by the following steps below to make sure everything is properly organized.

Upon Arriving at Schiphol

Our assigned personal will be waiting for you and will greet and assist you as soon as the aircraft doors open.

Our assigned personnel will we waiting for your presence as soon as the aircraft doors open. No need to rush in alighting the aircraft. Just relax on your seat and remain seated until the other passengers have already left the aircraft. Please do wait for the cabin crew’s instructions and pay full attention to know all the necessary details.

Heading to the terminal 

Upon arrival at Schiphol

By any chance, the aircraft that you’re in is located at an ordinary gate, our assigned personnel will wait for you exactly at the door of the aircraft. Rest assured that proper assistance will be provided as you disembark the aircraft. If you’re using a wheelchair, we will take you to the designated area right next to the exit. Please note that your wheelchair would have been put on hold in the meantime for you to use it right away upon disembarking.

If there are some instances that the aircraft where you’re in is not physically located at any given gate. In that kind of scenario, a staircase will be attached to the aircraft. Passengers will be asked to alight down the stairs with the proper guidance of our assigned personnel if you’re able to. If not, no need to worry. We have other options available. From the aircraft, we can safely take you down using a stairlift or a scissor style freight lift. Upon disembarking safely, that’s the time that we’ll drive you towards the terminal with the use of our wheelchair bus.

At the terminal building

Upon arriving at the terminal, you will be greeted by a new assistant that will guide you throughout the terminal. The newly assigned personnel will have a wheelchair, in case passenger needs it. Otherwise, passengers have an option to just walk, which also depends on their mobility. In some cases, electric caddies are also on stand-by, as a form of transportation that we provide.

As what has been said, a caddy is provided and you might share it with other passengers. If you have a formal assistant, we need to verify if he or she is registered. If yes, we will allow your assistant to then join you on the caddy. If other passengers are traveling with you, we can only allow them on the caddy if there’s still enough room that can accommodate them. If there’s none, that’s the time that the assistant will provide details on where should they meet you instead.

Your assistant will be going with you throughout the security inspections process. You might need to pass through the passport regulator but this is dependent on the airport of your departure and arrival location. At the security inspections, you may spend some time here since the process may take longer. The assigned staff is given the duty to check you as well as any medications and other associated documents that are needed and required.

If you have more than three hours to kill time while waiting to board for your next connecting flight, we have here our assigned personnel to escort you going to the Lounge either using a caddy or your wheelchair, if applicable. The airport lounge is located near various shops, bars, restaurants, and even comfort rooms. Your assistant will give you an exact time for you to get ready as he or she will pick you up and assist you towards the assigned gate for your respective flight.

At the respective gate

You can request the assigned assistant to drop you off at the restaurant, shop or the business lounge depending on your likeness and also if there’s ample time to do so. Then, he or she will set a pick-up time for you to meet.

This is the time where your assistance is going to escort you directly towards the respective gate and bid goodbye. If you’ll be needing assistance even upon boarding the aircraft, don’t forget to indicate it. If so, the assistance will either wait for you or just come back later to assist you upon boarding. Rest assured that you’ll be allowed to board first. Once onboard, the flight crew will take over and continue providing the necessary assistance needed.

Please be advised that not all gates are linked to the aircraft via the so-called passenger bridge. There are some instances that a passenger needs to ride a bus to go to their respective aircraft. You’ll board on the bus with the other passengers if you’re able to climb stairs. If not, no need to worry. We’ve prepared a wheelchair bus to transport you towards the aircraft. If needed, we can also assist as you board the plane with a stair climber.

If you need to take your wheelchair with you onboard the aircraft, we will be using a stair climber to take you inside the aircraft. If you allow your assistant, we can lift you into your seat and even help you store your luggage. Your wheelchair will then be loaded in the hold. Once everything is settled, that’s the time that we bid goodbye and the cabin crew will take over. Upon arriving at your destination, assistance will be waiting for you at the airport.

If you want to be more aware of what to expect onboard, your preferred airline will be glad to assist you and give you further details. Protection Status